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Success is what I can contribute to your future. Welcome to New English VN, hello my name is Teacher Dawn. I am a Bachelor of Science major in Psychology graduate. I laid a good foundation in my teaching skills, and have 3 years of teaching experience; I am able to bring you an interesting classroom and good to expand the topic for you. I’m full of fervor and I make funny but substantial classes. With regard to my teaching experience, I’ve been conducting Koreans, Pakistanis and Chinese students before, I teach them IELTS, ESL AND TOEFL. I also teach how to read English books, studying words, pronunciation, grammar, and others that relates to listening, speaking and writing tutorials. I find teaching very convenient, less free and easy being an English teacher online, I enjoyed it a lot and I can do my works in good pace and time.

My experience in English industry has become so large that I was able to respond to student’s request to improve their English skill. As we know that we are living in the world of globalization, English language is a common language and is spoken in many countries. I understand that non-native speakers find it quite difficult to learn English. Despite of this struggle, learning English is nothing but habit formation. It is learned through use, through practice. The more one is exposing to the use of language, the better one learns. My teaching styles are very simple, role play, proving and a lot more. Let me be your guide towards excellence.

Believe me! It is fun learning English and it can be learned easily. Studying English has a worth and it adds up student’s knowledge always. This is very important and it is essential to know English, because it is needed globally. When I have time, I used to play violin and piano as well. I love playing volleyball also. Students in New English VN always say that studying English here is fun and students become imaginative. If you love to experience a different way of learning English come and be part of my class. Let us study English together with passion and enthusiast. See you

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