Tư vấn trực tuyến
Sequence – Tiếp nối Addition – Bổ sung Contrast – Tương phản
Next And By/ in contrast
Subsequently (sau đó) In addition Conversely
Then Additionally Instead
Thereafter An additional On the contrary
First/ firstly/ second/secondly Besides Otherwise
Initially Also However
To begin Moreover Nevertheless
Next As well as Still
Then Another Although/ Even though
Finally Too But
Last/ lastly Furthermore Yet
In conclusion Despite/ in spite of
To summarise While/ Whereas
Example- Ví dụ Comparision – So sánh
Emphasis – Nhấn mạnh
Undoubtedly – không cần nghi ngờ For example Similarly
Indeed – chắc chắn For instance Likewise
Obviously – rõ ràng That is Also
Generally Such as Like
Admittedly – thật ra Including Just as/ Just like
In fact Namely Similar to
Particularly/ In particular In particular Same as
Importantly Compare
Especially Compared (to)/ with
Clearly Not only… but also